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Estimates of groundwater discharge to a coastal wetland using

to the surface water in Taylor Slough with greater rates of discharge Water Resour Res 12:423–428CrossRef Burnett WC, Aggarwal PK, Aureli A

Agricultural water cannon

water from sloughs and shallow ponds to adjoiningdischarge the water from the high pressure pump; 0870700 N/A 1907-11-12 Thebus 239/726

City of Stockton Mosher Slough and Five Mile Slough Diazinon

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12. A method according to claim 11 wherein said collection container for discharge therefrom. sloughs off the ice surface, carrying with it

Process and apparatus for high flow and low pressure impurity

method for purifying water 1991-12-10 Perman 210Strict discharge limits have been adopted for provides the force that sloughs off the filter

Pulsed Discharge Through Wetland Vegetation as a Control on

Pulsed Discharge Through Wetland Vegetation as a Control on Bed Shear Stressinterspersed among open-water sloughs with floating and submerged vegetation

Boundary data reconstruction for open channel networks using

(x, t) is the discharge (m3/s) across cross s) g u 12(x,X, s) gu21(x,X, s) g field at Sacramento River and Georgiana Slough

Temperature Diagnostics for Field-Reversed Configuration

high β CT Used for In situ high s FRC (λ=229.69 nm) are observed in this dischargeSlough, JohnPlasma and Fusion ResearchPlasma and

Discharge competence and pattern formation in peatlands: a

sloughs that has degraded due to hydrologic The discharge competence (or self-organizing canalwater depth, and describes flow-dependent feedbacks

Survival and migration route probabilities of juvenile

Sutter and Steamboat Sloughs also varied considerably among release groups from 22.1 to 44.7 percent, and did not appear correlated to river discharge

Viral Bronchiolitis in Children.

and 4 Human metapneumovirus Subgroups A and sloughed and aspirated, carrying RSV to lower discharge from the neo- natal unit and then

of Coastal Groundwater Discharge in Southern Taylor Slough

This project empirically determined the controls of groundwater discharge potential and surface water chemistry in southern Taylor Slough, Everglades National

Investigation of Groundwater Seepage from the Hanford

averaged 6.5 X 10-S ± 3.3 X 10-S pCi/RR R RR RR SR While Bluffs Slough FIGURE 4. water discharge were in the vicinity of the 100

Ein mathematisches Modell zur Simulation des Quellabflusses

are often connected to one or more sinkholes. Noting that spring discharge is an integral of water and estuarine wetlands of Taylor Slough in

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4. Each data point corresponds to a separate discharge, while the error Jonterey, June 1989), In press. R. Slemo~ et al., Proc. 1988 MEA

Sabine River Riparian Vegetation Assessment Related to Flow

River discharge data for two USGS gauging stations downstream of the dam while FACU and FAC species were mostly excluded from slough areas, which


John Slough, Michael Pfaff, and Chris Pihl MSNdischarge thrusters to gaseous pulse inductive thruster‟s performance advantages, in that as

PLOS ONE: Discharge Competence and Pattern Formation in

201359-(2013) Discharge Competence and Pattern among plausible mechanisms [11], [12]. sloughs are generally, but not universally,

Annual Report South Florida Water Management District 1986

Title: Annual Report South Florida Water Management District 1986 CITATION Taylor Creek/Nubbin Slough Basin. Table of Contents Chairmans Message

Organic matter sources and rehabilitation of the Sacramento

wastewiter treatment plant discharge, tidal marshMore than 2000 siphons collect water from Delta Morrison Ck. and French Camp Slough llous ,

COS 104-1: Ecohydrologic feedbacks and topographic pattern in

sloughs inhabited by floating and submerged plantsdischarge through flow-perpendicular cross-sections.displaces flow onto (and thus increases water


the other received groundwater discharge from thesloughs is not explained by hydrology alone (i.8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Sunday, 22 October 2006

Submarine groundwater discharge of total mercury and

Abstract: Fluxes of total mercury (Hg(T)) and monomethylmercury (MMHg) associated with submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) at two sites onthe central

Distribution of vascular-plant species in six remnants of

inundation at times of low river discharge circa 12 Map comparing elevation of mean higher high sloughs that historically drained flood waters from

Sediment Trapping Function of an Unmanaged Fluvial Wetland:

: Acknowledgements  U.S. a desired management option for Elkhorn Slough. peak discharge by 10% and runoff volume by 5%

Fire extinguisher discharge method and apparatus

Dunster, Robert George (Slough, GB) Davies, 4 to 12 bar g while the applied gas pressure(six inches) of the discharge tube at a

Early discharge COPD experience: Reduction of severe

Heatherwood Wexham Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Slough, Berkshire Method Data 12 months pre post instigation of an early discharge with

History of Tide and Current Measurements in Elkhorn Slough

and Tembladaro Sloughs feed directly into ES 12 11 12 12 13 12 M2 28.9841 493 507 484 both fresh water discharge and evaporative fluxes

Suspended sediment transport at a tidal river divergence

meaning that a calculation of the ratio of discharge divided between water slope in Georgiana Slough, giving it the capacity to receive the