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Electrically conductive liquid for an electrical stun gun

A new and improved electric stun gun is provided to utilize an electrically conductive liquid mixed in storage containers, which is discharged by use of

Method of manufacturing a thermally conductive circuit board

In a method of manufacturing a thermally conductive circuit board with high heat dissipation, high conductivity and high ground-connection, a sheet-like

Gallium nitride devices with conductive regions

Pat. No. 8,343,856, issued Jan. 1, 2013, 4, 2006, entitled Gallium Nitride Devices and forming an electrically conductive material

Optical sub-assembly with electrically conductive paint,

conductive paint, an electrically conductive polymerfour data streams arising from the different 5,777,856 to Phillips et al. for “Integrated

Conductive Hearing Loss

Definition Anything blocking the transmission of sound at the outer or middle ear from being conducted through to the inner ear creates a conductive hearing

tubing - hoses - pipes - clamps accescories

Hose O.D. Working Pressure (psi) Test Pressure (psi) Min Burst Design A360-10 1/2 .920 700 1,400 2,800 2-1/4 .41 212 A360-12 5/

Method of manufacturing a thermal conductive circuit board

29/856, 174/258, 29/848, 438/123, 29/832conductive resin composition is allowed to fill up Si3N4, MgO, SiO2, and BN, since they are


7. A DRAM array formed on a semiconductive of around 1000° C., for two to four hours.No. 09/388,856, filed on Sep. 1, 1999,

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44333 856.874.3793 - Intl Class 036: US 100 101 102 First Use Commerce 6/2004 - Insurance; Real Estate Affairs; Financial Affairs; Monetary Affairs

Electric vehicle docking connector with embedded EVSE

a head having a head end engagable with theconductive posts 840-1 through 840-4 protruding 21, in which an in-hole exciter 856 is

Method of manufacturing a patterned conductive layer

According to embodiments of the present invention, a method for manufacturing a pattern of conductive elements on a substrate is provided. The method

Process for making polysiloxane/polymide copolymer blends

20070298255 Conductive Wire Comprising A 4-piperidonyl, 4alphaH-carbazole, 4H-quinol Flexural Modulus 2381 1856 1421 856 359 2229

Group VIII and ceria/zirconia containing catalysts for

conductive oxide, process for their preparation and4, characterized in that the refractory and ionic Tmax °C 662 798 867 856 914 604 Conv. CH4

Preparation of Three-dimensionally Ordered Macroporous Li1.5

Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy 01/2006; 53(11):856-859. Fine particles of Li+ ion conductive material Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3

Contact for pin grid array connector and method of forming same

2004920- 439/342, 439/266, 439/856, 439/268, 439/conductive material, the first and second spring four points of contact between each contact


Fine particles of Li+ ion conductive material Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3 were prepared by sol-gel method. Using prepared Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3

Process for forming a superconductive fiberform ceramic

2006519-Processes are provided for forming a superconductive composite, comprising a superconductive metal oxide and a ceramic. The composite may be

Printhead integrated circuit having common conductive track

said conductive track extending longitudinally along4 further comprising at least one second 12/895,856, 12/895,857, 12/895,858, 12/

Ultrasound catheter with embedded conductors

conductive; an ultrasound radiating member positioned 5. The apparatus of claim 4, further 856 with the first wire 860 is connected to

Battery cell with improved thermal and electrical conductivity

4 as apertures provided in covers 132 and 142,conductive 35 from cells included in the module within chamber 1103 separates from contact 856


2008819-Other Classes: 365/160, 505/856 International 4. A circuit as claimed in claim 1 superconductive temperature and housing said coils


(H2SO4) and potassium chlorate heating them WithSer. No. 08/856,657 ?led May 15, 1997, conductive thermoset precursors Which have the

Process for producing thin layers of conductive polymers

The present invention relates to a process which comprises the steps of producing moldings from intrinsically conductive polymers on a substrate, the moldings

A Borehole Imaging Method Using Electromagnetic Short Pulse

A borehole imaging method for nonconductive fluid application using a high-7, no. 4, pp. 856-860, October 2010.Guo, C., and R. C. Liu,

Electron-conductive high polymer and electroconductive

conductive site comprising at least one of aniline(IV) represents --X1 l)u --(J1 --X2 l)856, 3,318,857, 3,325,892, 3,338,904 and

EM Scattering by a Conducting Sphere Coated with a Uniaxial

201193-Spolecnost pro radioelektronicke inzenyrstviRadioengineeringY. Song and C.20, no. 4, pp. 849-856, 2011.Y. Song and C. M. Tse  EM

Electrical conductive assembly

An electrical conductive assembly including an electrical conductor and an annular laminate insulator surrounding the electrical conductor. The annular lamina

Conductive paste, electrode and electronic device and solar

conductive powder, or an element having a high 4, wherein the element having the low ZnO -320.5 SiO2 -856.3 Rh2O3 -343 TiO2