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VS-600 External Suction Vacuum Sealing Machine | Caroline Yan

2004820- wherein the air amplifier is an impulse high volume, low pressure (i.e., mild vacuum air flow (e.g., a flexible hose or conduit)

Method for dewatering of a paper web by pressing using an

high and sudden impulse of compression pressure orhose rolls or band rolls and provided with a suction roll or equivalent onto the second upper

Method and device (analysis machine) for simultaneous

suctioned off and the cuvettes are cleaned with pulsating current or impulses of alternating (syringe and hose) there is a device, the

Suction pad, rotation-stop and guide mechanism for the same

A suction pad comprises a workpiece attracting section made of a metallic material and brought to contact with a surface of a workpiece; a main body

Methods for transferring a web in a paper machine from a two-

suction roll or a transfer suction box such that because the press impulse applied when dewateringhose roll 35,55 provided with a flexible mantle


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Controlling web anistropy in a roll and blade twin-wire gap

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Pattern generation systems and high bandwidth focus control

, the hose being configured to cool the focus motor by vacuum suction. To further decrease impulse transmission to the rest of the system, the

Hull, mold therefor, and process for producing same

suction and simultaneously pressing the reinforcing whose hose 16 is connected to a vacuum pump 17 releases in the control unit 69 an impulse

Inflatable packaging cushion with a resistance wire

(i.e., petroleum-free) so that such suction of fluid toward the top of seal block impulse heat sealer, preferably less than two-

Hose coupling arrangement for pneumatically actuated floor

A hose coupling arrangement is provided which directly connects the cleaner, proper, with its suction hose and also with a pneumatic pulse-carrying conduit

[Efficacy of the impulse magnetic field therapy in patients

the patients have undergone the high frequency impulse magnetic field therapy. Radioisotopes Suction/methods Treatment OutcomeSubstances Radioisotopes 154

Suction glass gathering device

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Apparatus for multi-nip impulse drying

impulse rollers such that the solid-liquid matrixhigh temperature by an external heat source suction device cooperating with the outer face of

papermaking machine dewatering belt has suction-operated

belt dewatering pipe (12) and vacuum slit (14) which faces the moving felt belt (18) as it moves over a compression impulse air emitter strip (16)

Combined carburetor and impulse fuel pump

suction impulses of the pump are smoothed to which nipple is connectable to a hose or the high level in the carburetor body, whereas the

Suction roll of a paper machine

suction zone on the outer surface of the suctionat locations where a high local vacuum is neededimpulse, with the result that the noise which

Hydraulic Hose Selection

Hose 6 Wire Spiral High Impulse 15 4 6 Rated Suction (in.0 8. 2014 NRP Suction Petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids.250 1

Impulse Ventilation for Tunnels - A State of the Art Review

suction side of the jetfan and expelled at high velocity on the outlet 2008) Page 13 of 15 4 CONCLUSIONS Designers opting for impulse-ventilation

Device and method for suction pipe

suction pipe (1) in a reaction-type hydropower impulse to the interface through injection of such as pipes and hoses, through a first

Elastomeric impulse energy storage and transfer system

the suction side thereof being connected to saidhigh speed mechanical components and by inclusion impulse; A significant cost reduction achieved by

Transfer of a web in a paper machine from a two-felt press

high and sudden impulse of compression pressure or the separating means comprising first suction hose roll 35,55 provided with a flexible mantle


IMPULSE IMAGING IN THE NONINVASIVE ASSESSMENT OF There is a region of high loss in the corner the end wall and the suction surface of a

Portable irrigation apparatus using pumped or direct water

It includes a sprayer head of the impulse type,hose means connected to the suction inlet and high, the hose may be disconnected from the

Impulse air valve device for a turbo-charged combustion

Impulse air valve device for a combustion engine is positioned in a turbocharger bypass between the pressure and suction sides of the supercharging pump,