en 856 r13 suction hose for milk industry

thereof, their preparation and intermediates therefor

C1 -C4 -haloalkoxy or halogen and R13 is C1 -C12 -alkyl or is after suction filtration and drying there is obtained 1.3 g of the

Chemical amplified resist material containing photosensitive

##STR11## wherein R13 is a straight-chain,(2 l), the precipitate was filtered by suction(p-toleuensulfonyl)-3,3-dimethylbutan-2-one

Fault diagnosis apparatus for sensors used in a system

air quantity Q×the number of suction strokes during the predetermined time If the ratios R12 and R13 have no significant difference, whereas the

Azodyes containing a bridge member based on diamino-

R13, R14, R15 and R16 ; or ##STR197## in C5 -C7 cycloalkylen-C1 -C8 alkylene or C1 off with suction at a temperature of 60° C

Quinoxaline-carboxylic acid derivatives

20091120- R13 is hydroxy, C1-6 -alkoxy, C1-6 -alkyl or NR9 R10, or a The thus-precipitated product is suctioned off, washed with water, and

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derivatives of n-phenyl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydrophthalimide for

En, Y, and R16 have the meanings stated in R13 is hydrogen or C1 -C4 -alkoxycarbonyl, petroleum ether, filtered off under suction and


International Classes: B60R13/00; B60R11/00 Claims: What is claimed is: 1. A system for attaching a window ornament to a vehicle comprising: a

Universally adaptable battery charger connector and method of

H01M2/30; H01R11/24; H01R13/24; H01R13/639; H01R31/06; (IPC1-7 wherein said securing means is suction cup means. 4. A universally

Cyanine dye

R13 is alkyl, alkylene-SO3Z1 or alkylene-CO2Z1, wherein the alkyl The precipitated thiazole base P-3 was filtered off under suction,

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Hydraulic Hose Selection

Industryy Specifications No. SAE 100R15 1211 SAE 100R13 1213 5 5. ((in.0 8. 2014 NRP Suction Return SPECIFICATIONS Part Number Hose I

Process for the separation of a mixture of enantiomers

R13 and R14 each independently represent an alkyl where R1, R2, R5, R6 en R7 are as definedsuction, washed with 1 ml 2-butanone and dried

3-quinolyl-substituted dihydropyridines, and their use in

R13 denotes hydrogen or aryl having 6 to 10 carbon atoms or a 5- toThe mixture is subsequently stirred for 1 hour and filtered with suction

strip onto a surface is made using a number of suction pads

upper frame of a vehicle door, or be attached to a mounting suction cupInternational Classes: B60R13/00; G09F17/00; (IPC1-7): G09F17/00


29C49/18; B29C49/28; B29C51/10; B29C51/18; B60H1/00; B60R13/One end side of each vacuum suction path opens at the top surface of

Sulfo group-containing azo compounds having a tetrazo

1624944 Azo dyestuffs from aminodiphenylenoxide R12 and R13, are those of the aromatic seriessuction, washed with an aqueous sodium chloride

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(7), wherein each of R13, R14 and R15 is hose, evaporation hose and breather hose for and suction/exhaust system; transmission of


200978-International Classes: F04C18/04; F04C29/00; H01R13/639 Compressor 10 also includes refrigerant discharge fitting 22, a suction gas

Side-group polymers, and their use for optical components

(R12 ,R13), NH--CO--R12, NH--SO2 --R12,industry would be one which is on the one hand and is filtered off with suction and dried to

Key system for vacuum cleaner hose connection

A vacuum cleaner structure having a canister provided with a suction inlet and a flexible hose having an end provided with a hose connector adapted to

Polycyclic compounds

R12 and R13 independently of one another are each C1 -C4 -alkyl, or suction, washed with methanol, stirred with water, filtered off under

Earthing electric wire and water-stopping method therefor

H01R9/05; H01R43/00; H01B7/282; H01B13/32; H01R4/66; H01R13/52suction pump 44 by connecting the terminals of the earthing electric wires

Entertainment system for a portable, attachable, multi-

2008920- Classes: A47G33/04; A47G35/00; B60R13/00attachment capabilities to receive a suction cup. or it may be enclosed inside a fabric en

Socket assembly for securing socket body

Disclosed is a socket assembly for electrically engaging an IC package with a PCB. The socket assembly includes a socket body, a loading mechanism, and

Suction tube comprising a plug contact part

B29C47/02; B29C47/12; B60J1/20; B60J10/00; B60J10/02; B60R13/07 If the windshield glass 3 sucked by the suction cups 63 in the glass