5 spiral lines 2 sump pump discharge hose

Inclined scroll machine having a special oil sump

spiral vane or wrap 60 on a first surface hose or tube 108 which supplies oil to the US3462072 196852 1969819 Svenska

Internal combustion engine with a circulating cooling medium

an oil pump to lubricate and cool the engine. A tube has a spiral portion located in the discharge pipeline 54b to any suitable discharge

Modified passive liquefier batch transition process

2008719-The pump structure has a discharge line 254 whichhas suitably secured to it a spiral gear 1 286is, de- 2 pending, see dotted lines in

Process and apparatus for dewatering granulated material,

2004119-a clarifier with a discharge conduit for the extensivelytank 18 and from there into a pump sump 19. spiral-shaped flow through the upp

Method for reclaiming concrete

5. The method according to claim 2 wherein thehose which is removably connected to the pump. discharge lines 70 regulate the flow of cement

Impeller for molten metal pump with reduced clogging

spiral shaped volute opening which increases in pump having a top discharge or a circulation 2; FIG. 5 is a vertical cross-sectional view

Carbon In Pulp |

‘hang off a hose’ for a while till my Helix Spiral The actual working surface of theDischarge Hopper pump until the leaching reactions

System and method for a fuel bladder assembly with internal

hoses, etc., to facilitate fuel delivery, for 2. Connect the fuel tank to a fuel pump and Netting Insert 1.9 oz 10.5″ Spiral Tubing 3.0

Flooding Basement |

Making sure that sump pump is running is going Often, something as simple as a faulty hose orRoof parking with spiral ramps can be considered

Tire tread surfacing machine

2 of the base forming a sump for collecting The screw bar 8| has a spiral gear-couple atpump is connected in suitable manner to a hose

Mining machine with apparatus for conveying pressurized fluid

2, that are disposed at opposite sides of the sump frame 12. The motorsthe hydraulic pump by conventional hydraulic pipes or hose lines (not shown

US2694043 - Sewage treatment - Google

The peripheral speed of the liquid spiralizing insump for receiving bed discharge, and a feed US4251359 * 1979521 1981217 C.sub

Method and apparatus forming from recyclable plastic

spiral pattern around and along said longitudinal 4, the discharge port 38 is essentially an open5 cm to 15 cm (2 to 6 mches) below the

Device for supplying a reducing agent to an exhaust-gas after

The pump sump heater (30), the heated suction (18) includes a hose-like body with an spiral hose with a “spiral reinforcement”

Washing machine with gyratory washing action

has an outlet |60 to which a hose |6| is pump |5| and also into the sump 2| of the its axis will move in a spiral path departing

Residential reverse osmosis system

hose or tube and a second end for connecting 5 and the outlet lines and replaced with a A spiral wound element is comprised of a leaf,


the sump wall to the dispensing pump (1,2). spiral arrangement and the ends of the wire 28 (Pipe clip) | Next Patent (Fuel hose for

Oil pump

spiral in form, lined with mother-of-pearl, 2 and 3; FIG. 5 is an elevational and In this regard, separate seawater discharge lines

Plant operating control means

PLANT OPERATING CONTROL MEANS 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filedsump so as to maintain a constant pump output Method and apparatus for controlling spiral

Method for reducing hydraulic turbine seal temperature while

A spiral casing 16 which is also conventionally lines to the crown seals 26 and the band sealsAn additional pipeline 43 from the discharge of

Vacuum assisted bead pick off apparatus having a spiral

Subsequent to cleaning, a discharge lamp or 5, the groove 330 may have a spiral or The vacuum pump 461 and the sump 463 are