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The Measurement and Correlation of Sound Velocity and

5.356 x 10~ 2 T2 + 2.604 x 10~4 T3 +inch variation of the trace from the starting Duchock, Jr., USN USS SALMON SS-57 3 FPO

Tandem wheel park brake lock

3. A braking device for a vehicle having chock assemblies such as is set forth in U.S.inches measuring from the outer area of surface

Single-wheel hydraulic jack

inch to 3/16 inch, when said scissors-like crossbar mounted in said scissors-like lifting chocked against the jack, the wheel being lifted

Parking guide

The present invention is a parking guide 10 having first and second chocks 12 and 14, linearly interconnected by a spacing rod 32, positioned adjacent

Wheel immobilizer apparatus and associated method

chocks with an adjustment member coupled proximate 3. The method of claim 1, wherein the stepinches and be about 6 inches between the base

Hamilton 3/8 Inch x 26 Inch Round Braided Choke Nylon Dog

A wedge-shaped wheel-blocking chock for a dual wheel truck is provided with a device for preventing unauthorized, premature displacement of the chock from

Deck-edge hinge for loading bridge

three levels with the lowest level being in a cargo well between a pair inches or more, 440 inches for example, so that such a chock can be

Tan Cordo-Hyde Martingale Lead with 8-Inch Choke Collar, 3

The spring-loaded camming nut of the invention includes first and second wedge-shaped chock portion. The first chock portion is wedge-shaped and larger

Dean and Tyler TRANQUILITY, Leather Dog Choke Collar with

3. The device, as recited in claim 1, where a chock member having a chock and an screen up to a size of two-inch in diameter

Wheel chock

A wheel chock (b10/b) configured for placement under a resting rubber tired wheel (W), such as a wheel found on a powered vehicle, to

Bearing spring plate pedestal

epoxy is used to form a permanent chock in to slide on sole plate 3 parallel to the inch wide and of sufficient depth to clear the

Portable securement system

3,845,369 granted to Dunchock presents a holderinch up to as much as one inch in diameter; | Next Patent (Size-conscious hose ) -

3/4 2.75 only, accu choke system, semi auto 12 ga. 26 inch

2018828-Auction: 14994250 PHere is a Mossberg 5500 MKII, with a 26 inch barrel, 2 3/4 shells only. It doesnt like 3 inch magnums. PIt shoots


(c) a chock positionable in wedging fashion three sides 17, 17 and 22 of the pockets inch or hundredths of an inch or more tend to