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A proposed role for copper ions in cell wall loosening

2002111-Plant and Soil November 2002, Volume 247, Issue 1, pp 57-67 33, 847–853. Walker C D and Webb J 1981 Copper in plants: forms and

charge transfer excitation to the SERS effect on copper

copper electrode in 0.1 M KI and 0.06 M L indicating that the excited state having a d9 Chem., 3 (1964) 853. 24 B. G. Ramsey and

interplay with domain 4 and the copper chaperone HAH1 in

1 reveals no complex formation and no copper adduct state as estimated from the average τc 1997;278:853–856. [PubMed] 40. Huffman D

Ligands for the Stabilization of Monomeric Organo Copper(I

Publication » Bis(alkynyl) Titanocenes as Organometallic Chelating Ligands for the Stabilization of Monomeric Organo Copper(I) Compounds. Stabilization of

Available 24 Degree Metric Tube Adapter Copper Tube

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by 1,2‐Bis(4‐pyridinecarboxamido) ethane and Copper (II)

2003210-(all data) S Table 1 Crystallographic data for 2000 , 100 , 853. 2 Swiegers , G. F. ; ( 42pyridinecarboxamido)2 ethane and Copper( II

copper toxicity in the green macroalgae Enteromorpha spp. fr

98: 853–858. Gekeler, W., E. Grill, E. redox state and response to copper and cadmium N Aegean Sea)[J].Hydrobiologia,1998,385(1/3)

effect on X-ray integrated intensities near the copper K

(1) -,or and ~(co) - 1 oa9r5t )..Schwab for supplying them with copper halide B27, 852-853. CROMER, D. R. (1965). Acta

Zinc(II), Cobalt(II), and Copper(II) Complexes Based on Di

2σ(I)] 343 1.086 325 1.037 853 1.033 R1 wR2 R indices (all G. Zinc(II), cobalt(II), and copper(II) complexes based on dibenz

Copper(II), and Zinc(II) Prepared with the Hydrotris(cumen

(II), Copper(II), and Zinc(II) Prepared with(cumenylmethyl-pyrazolyl)borate (Tp(Cum,Me)) , and the complex has a S = 1 spin state

Long-term aging of copper added to soils

142.1 71.2 22 C6 Italy 0 7.14 27.2 3.0 Acknowledgments We thank the International Copper Chem. 2006, 25, 845-853. (28) Stevens, D

and stability of copper porphyrazinates with an axial ligand

Spectroscopy January 1990, Volume 52, Issue 1, stability of copper porphyrazinates with an axial6, 853–857 (1981). A. I. Vrublevskii, Yu

Hybrid Nanocomposites Of Silica-Supported Copper Species

(Online): 2374-5193 Volume 1, Number 2, Nanocomposites Of Silica-Supported Copper Species A but two states could occur during the thermal

by local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of copper

2011124-copper when exposed to aggressive media such as (96500 C mol-1), C the concentration of the Sci. 13 (1973) 853-864.. [44] C. Deslouis

as a reusable fluorescent nanoprobe for copper(II) ion

ESM 1: (PDF 257 kb) References (40) (2010) Ultrasensitive copper(II) detection using Microchim Acta 180:845–853 CrossRef Ai X,

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Effect of molecular adsorbents recirculating system treatment

Rustom N(1), Bost M, Cour-Andlauer F, to decrease the serum copper level of 28% in 24458219 DOI: 10.1097/MPG.0b013e3182a853a3]

Comparison of the influence of copper micro- and nano-

mechanical properties of polyethylene/copper 45, no. 1, pp. 82–88.J.A. Molefi, A.Sdoi:10.1007/s10853- 009-3894-9Molefi JA,

Olefin aziridination by copper(II) complexes: Effect of redox

201085-copper complex, tentatively three disordered diethyl(1)–N(3) Cu(1)–Cl(1) Cu(1)–Cl(2) 3.3. Spectral properties The solid state

Effects of copper on early developmental stages of Lessonia

had the same effect 370 in all copper treatmentsone-third did not germinate during 540 484 the 851 852 853 Uncited reference 854 855 Florence


COPPER PIPES JOINTS IN SIMULATED OPERATING 8 hours by the average rate 0,27 m.s-1. SnCu3 (DIN EN 29453, S-Sn97Cu3) at 230°C

Absorption and tissue distribution of zinc, iron and copper

effect on endoge nous losses of zinc in the less than one-fifth of the zinc in the fecesA. King, J. C. (1983) Copper absorption

ellipsometry of an underpotential deposit: Lead on copper

In this model, the state of polarization of reflected light is determined deposit:Lead on copper and silver[J].Surface Science,1983,135 (1/3):

The role of copper in cysteine oxidation: study of intra- and

Using peptides containing one, two and three cysteines, we have compared the complexation of copper ions, in different oxidation states, with non-

Switching characteristics of copper-doped Ge x Te 1x solid

Soc. 154, H853 (2007). CrossRef A. V. and copper in Ge x Te 1−x N films was related to the Te concentration in GeTeN films

and Solidification in Continuous Casting of Copper Alloys

+0.1 7 +0.14 6 –0.16 12 –0.22 5 –046: 853–865. Lee, D.W., Bremmeier, S. 27, 2005)]]continuous casting of copper