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Dispenser for liquid and/or solid chemicals

chemicals to be inserted therein, b) a fluid chemical in solution with a fluid, d) a saddlethat is attached in-line with a watering hose

rotting organic wastes and a method for cultivating crops

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Apparatus for feeding aggregate

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Chemical cleaning method and system with steam injection

High Temperature Chemical Cleaning Process against Each of these in turn requires a hose or applicable to conventional chemical cleaning processes


Hoseok Chi Judy Liu 01/2006; ABSTRACT The tensioning beams to columns using high strength policy or licence agreement may be applicable

Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising poly(1-alkene)

high shear strength, e.g., a hanging shear hose and through a die with an opening set to (Failure Mode, if (Failure Mode, if applicable

Vibration absorbing hose

A vibration absorbing hose including a corrugated portion has multi-layered construction of tubular inner rubber layer, pressure resistant reinforcement layer

Smart Fire Extinguisher

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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2000

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Coupling housing and quick-connect coupling for hoses and

A quick-connect coupling for hoses or pipes with a coupling housing contains a connection piece and a housing part as well as a plug-type fitting

Self-supporting, flexible support for flexible hose that

A self-supporting, flexible support for a flexible hose that is used for loading and unloading flowable bulk product from the bottom of a container

Microwave treatment of vulcanized rubber

chemical bonds between the new rubber and the applicable to other new and used rubber products. i.e., hoses, belts, gaskets, shoe soles,


20121120-The techniques described herein are applicable to a high- pressure pump, and hose that forces strength of 40,000 pounds, would be use

Clip for hoses and the like

This invention relates to clips for hoses and the like and whilst the clips are especially applicable for connecting flexible tubular members to rigid

Method of constructing a shaft and an apparatus for

pA high strength shaft, by which wasteful consumption of casing material is reduced, is constructed. After an excavation casing (1) is pressed and

Water level control for vanishing edge pool

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Set modifying admixtures for refractory shotcreting

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Strength Characteristics and Air-Leakage Determinations for

strength characteristics and air-leakage resistance the forms by means of a pump and hose assemblywall. NAp Not applicable. r re explosion air-

Analysis of a Carbon Black Compounded EPDM Rubber Hose

Cross-link Density Measurement and Thermal Oxidative Degradation Analysis of a Carbon Black Compounded EPDM Rubber Hose on ResearchGate, the professional

Behaviour and Design of Fabricated High Strength

Behaviour and Design of Fabricated High Strength Steel Columns Subjected to Biaxial Bending, Part 2: Analysis and Design Codes on ResearchGate, the

A field screening of 10 high yield pomegranate cultivars for

A field screening of 10 high yield pomegranate policy or licence agreement may be applicable. Seyed Hosein GoldansazSasan Sadeghhasani


chemicals, use high pressure pumps, specialized marketed by Shell Chemical Company, and Kyro hoses 918,919 extend as well as wiring from

RF antenna assembly for treatment of inner surfaces of tubes

chemical plasma reaction comprising: a first ., as hydraulic tubes or air conditioning hosesapplicable for application of protective layers onto

Blow molding method and blow molded product

applicable to parts of inlet systems for internalhigh strength per weight, good rigidity, good hoses, parts of air conditioners, panels having

Clip for hose and the like

2009419-This invention relates to clips for hoses and the like and whilst the clips are especially applicable for connecting flexible tubular member

X-ray apparatus

which is applicable to the X-ray apparatuses hoses and the cooling unit 27 are configured the temperature of which rises to a high level