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RDi-A new method for evaluating of rock mass drillability

Hoseinie SH., Ataei M., Aghababaei H. and Pourrahimian Y. (2007). Proceedings of the 1st Canada-US Rock mechanics symposium, Vancouver,

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—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: Beyrer C, Baral SD, van Griensven F, Vancouver, BC More New Resources Hep C and for Gay, Bi and Queer

UPS Delivery System

Based on the study that has been conducted from UPS operation in Vancouver Washington state. This paper would propose zoning process and central delivery

Hydrocarbon Release During Fuel Storage and Transfer at Gas

Through a fuel delivery hose, liquid fuel is occupation in the Portland‐Vancouver metropolitan Washington, DC:Office of Research and Development,

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Forest Plan Monitoring Program

Gifford Pinchot National ForestVancouverWashington

Hose winding apparatus for an irrigation sprinkler system

Inventors: Strachan, Michael (Vancouver, CA) Application Number: 12/769564 10. A hydraulically powered hose winding apparatus, comprising: a support;

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Vancouver Top Stories West Vancouver senior B.C.-Washington drug smuggling operation busted Driver bursts su

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Striving for control and acceptance to feel well

Vancouver Rutberg S. Striving for control and acceptance to feel well: Hoseinie, HI E T Intelligent Transport Systems

A summary of the environmental impacts of roads, management

delivery to streams and wetlands, which results (Hunt and Hosegood 2008) 76 JEM — Volumelandslides in three watersheds on Vancouver Island

Study in HIV-positive women links heart health to brain

Washington, DC Every six months, participants —Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: Polak JF, Pen Vancouver consensus calls for greater access to

II MENTAL HEALTH: A. Vancouver team uncovers self-medication

II MENTAL HEALTH: A. Vancouver team uncovers self-medication with crystal methHosein SR

Thermal Effects on Thin Laser-Peened Ferritic-Martensitic

Zalesky, P, Hosemann, B. S. El-Dasher, W. G. Halsey, B. Stuart, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada (to be published in LLNL-

Internet-Based Training of Academics: Barriers

Hosein Moeini, Baskent University, Turkey EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Jun 25, 2007 in Vancouver, Canada ISBN 978-1-

Coho salmon smolt production from Kelvin Creek (Cowichan

and lakes, on the east coast of Vancouver hose apparatus by keeping - 5- the fence panelsWashington streams, would predict somewhat higher

Gasoline Empirical Analysis:

The Final Fifteen Feet of Hose: The Canadian Gasoline Industry in the Vancouver 1.011(12.222)*** 0.169(2.080)** 0.127(1.521) -0.390(-

Deformation and failure of rock

Lanke, A., Hoseinie, H. Ghodrati, B. 2015 i : International Vancouver Pérez Hidalgo KDC. Deformation and failure of rock. Luleå:

Cross section and analyzing power measurements for the (p,d)

on Few Body Problems in Physics, Vancouver, B. C., Canada, July 2-8, J. Bechade, A. Bloch, N. De Botton, P. H. Carton, N. DHose,

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Cure research takes off

—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: Kent SJ, Reece AIDS Conference, 22-27 July 2012, Washington, Implementing the early HIV test in Vancouver:

PeaceHealth Medical Group - Vancouver, Washington

you’ll find experienced doctors and health care providers from medical specialties in PeaceHealth clinics and hospitals in and around the Vancouver community


weld tightness inspection techniques, viz., air, hydrostatic, and hose testsWartsilla MarineIncVancouver

Apparatus to effect remote automatic positioning of web slitter

Murphy, Leonard Adolphus (North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA) Undesignated hoses extend from the manifolds to the other slitter portions,

Triple Helix och utvecklingen av innovationssystem

Hamodi, H., Hoseinie, H. Lundberg, J. 2015 Publikation: ForskningVancouver Ylinenpää H, Westerberg M, Wincent J. Triple Helix och

One Vancouver Clinic Finds Low Rates of HCV Reinfection After

One Vancouver Clinic Finds Low Rates of HCV Reinfection After CureBy Sean R. Hosein

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France: Factors linked to low vitamin D levels in HIV-

—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: Anderson JL, May HT, Horne BD, et al. Vancouver, BC More New Resources Rethinking HIV-Related Stigma in Health

Homogenization with applications in lubrication theory

Hamodi, H., Hoseinie, H. Lundberg, J. 2015 Publication: Research -Vancouver Tsandzana A. Homogenization with applications in lubrication theory