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Low streamflow in the Myakka River Basin Area in Florida

bility and discharge rates of the Myakka water through which the river flows offer some storageExcept where deepened by man, the sloughs which

creek water budget: Estimation of groundwater discharge

201151-Taylor Slough and the EMER, especially with regard to water salinity values(12e40) along Taylor River change seasonally (U.S. Geological

Method for treating radioactive waste water

ferromagnetic precipitates from said waste water. (anodes) slough off and provide bridging seeds recovered water tank 54 for discharge or recycle


waters of Europe and North America in the 1930scause of the observed increase in biomass[12]. Slough discharge or from discharges by rivers and

Submarine groundwater discharge of total mercury and

Abstract: Fluxes of total mercury (Hg(T)) and monomethylmercury (MMHg) associated with submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) at two sites onthe central

Fire extinguisher discharge method and apparatus

Dunster, Robert George (Slough, GB) Davies, 4 to 12 bar g while the applied gas pressure(six inches) of the discharge tube at a

Electrolytic liquid purification process and apparatus

sloughed from said plates during such period of discharge pipe 3 is connected to the other end inches to 10 inches (12.7 to 25.4 cm) and


   U.S. Army Corps   of Engineers  Portland Annual Peak Discharge for Water Years 1990-2012 for the Columbia Slough

Water Flow and Nutrient Flux from Five Estuarine Rivers along

periods (less than 20 minutes) during slack water between flood and ebb Slough may explain the measured coast discharge peak leading the S-12

Micro-Discharge Micro-Thruster

This paper summarizes the experiments and analysis of the micro-discharge Slough, J., Andreason, S., Ziemba, T., and Ewing, J. J., Micro

Ein mathematisches Modell zur Simulation des Quellabflusses

Noting that spring discharge is an integral of water and estuarine wetlands of Taylor Slough in Accessed May, 12 2012 (2012) About this

On the spatial organization of the ridge slough patterned

(4) HESSD 12, 2975–3010, 2015 On the of the ridge slough patterned landscape S. J.: Discharge competence and pattern formation 20

Control of groundwater recharge-discharge on coupled N-

Control of groundwater recharge-discharge on coupled N-processing across the From headwater agricultural streams to floodplain sloughs, denitrification is

Organic matter sources and rehabilitation of the Sacramento

wastewiter treatment plant discharge, tidal marshincreased use of floodplains probably offers the Morrison Ck. and French Camp Slough llous ,

Estimates of groundwater discharge to a coastal wetland using

(2001) Hydrological and nutrient TitleEstimates of groundwater discharge to awetland using multiple techniques: Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park,

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Discharge → 1,470 J Plasma Discharge → 1,520(ms) 24 18 12 6 0 2.0 1.6 1.2 0.8 Field Current Drive,” Phys - SLOUGH, MILLER -

Interactions in the Freshwater Wetlands of Taylor Slough -

Wetlands of Taylor Slough - Surface-Water Tracer of Groundwater Interactions.DisclaimerSource and Quantity of Groundwater Discharge

Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation Biological

Administrations (FHWA) funding of the State water discharge over time) necessary for normal (1997) recorded eulachon as rare in sloughs

Shipboard biomechanical oil water separator

water and monitor and direct the discharge of which slough off said support media and disperse 12. An apparatus for the microbiological

compositions for reducing deposits in water

water distribution systems include adding low as sterilizers and medicaments 2002-12-05 Selkonslough off and re-entrain into the flowing water


12. A method according to claim 11 wherein discharge with said gases from the outlet of sloughed off water which is at the low

of Coastal Groundwater Discharge in Southern Taylor Slough

This project empirically determined the controls of groundwater discharge potential and surface water chemistry in southern Taylor Slough, Everglades National

Water Quality and Wetland Function in the Northern Prairie

water Intermittent alkali Alkaline bog Kentucky bluegrass Fowl bluegrass Slough Discharge hydrology Semipermanent Subsaline Fluvaquents and Haplaquolls 11

A review of the Washington state water use policy.

000 12,520,000 month IV 12,565 4,906,627 1In some instances, the discharge of treated Class A (84) Skagit River from Skiyou Slough,

COS 104-1: Ecohydrologic feedbacks and topographic pattern in

sloughs inhabited by floating and submerged plantsdischarge through flow-perpendicular cross-sections.displaces flow onto (and thus increases water

Ribbon-tube biofilter

pumping, oxygenation, sparging, foam fractionation, slough off, and are carried out with the eutrophic water for reuse or before discharge

FS 036-01 -- Flooding in the Amargosa River Drainage Basin

water monitoring sites, streamflow durations generally ranged from 12 to 36 Near-peak streamflow discharge was observed at Carson Slough draining into

Abstract from Florida Bay Conference 2001.

water from the Shark River Slough drainage basin.600 to +12,900 cubic feet per second and -10mean or median residual (filtered) discharge

Agricultural water cannon

A mobile agricultural water cannon to transfer water from sloughs and shallow ponds to adjoining land has (1) a suction pod to collect the water into