en 856 r13 chemical resistance green hose pipe

Analog signal processor in a multi-gigabit receiver system

High values of the resistors R10, R11, R12, and R13 can be used to The outputs 856 and 857 are coupled to a second differential amplifier 860

Connector assembly with light source sub-assemblies and

H01R13/33; H01R3/00; H01R13/66; H01R13/(s), such as green light from one LED and with the sets of electrodes 856, 858, 860,

Fuse connector and a terminal fitting for a connector

H01H85/20; H01R13/11; H01R13/115; H01R4/18; H01R9/24; H01R13/422Field of Search: 337/187, 439/842-843, 439/849-852, 439/856-857

Moving part coaxial cable connectors

H01R9/05; H01R13/17; H01R43/26; H01R13/08; H01R24/52; H01R13/of the movable nose such as a cavity 895, 897 of the nose 806, 856

Spring-type electrical receptacle

Other Classes: 439/856 International Classes: H01R13/11; H01R13/115; ( and lead to increased resistance and consequent heating of the connection,

Zoom lens and image-taking apparatus

r13 = 25.204 d13 = 0.70 n7 = 1.84666 ν7 = 23.9 r14 = 7. r7 = 22.856 d7 = 2.80 n4 = 1.84666 ν4 = 23.9 r8 = 103

F port interface connector

H01R13/115; H01R13/646; H01R11/09; (IPC1- low mating force 1986-08-26 Bogursky 439/856material resistivity dictate the contact resistance

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R13 3862 Type R13 EN EN 856 Type R13 EN 856 Type R13 DIN # ## EN 857 Type 1SC ## # ## # EN 856 # Type R12 EN 856 Type R13 # # #

Dual beam electrical contact

H01R13/115; H01R43/16; (IPC1-7): H01R13/Field of Search: 449/856-858, 449/860, 449/Attorney, Agent or Firm: Perman Green

Perfected terminal

20111119- H01R13/11; H01R13/115; H01R4/18; H01R43/16; (IPC1-7): H01R11/Field of Search: 439/842, 439/843, 439/851-856, 439/861, 439/862

Extended USB plug, USB PCBA, and USB flash drive with dual-

International Classes: H01R13/44 Field of Search:856 which may be attached together via a snap such as by detecting resistance changes on the

Connector for telephone cables

International Classes: H01R13/11; H01R12/24; (IPC1-7): H01R13/11 4175821 Electrical connector 1979-11-27 Hunter 439/856 3112974 Multi-


Compare BC856B_R1_00001 vs BC856BT/R13 Risk Rank, Description, Rohs Code, Part Life Cycle Code, Package Description, Collector Current-Max (IC),


H01R13/22; H01R13/11; H01R13/115; H01R13/64; H01R13/658; H01R24/Field of Search: 439/857, 439/680, 439/78, 439/682, 439/856, 439/

Image pickup optical system and camera having it

r13 = ∞ d13 = variable r14 = −543.534 d14 = 1.80 n7 = 1.8 r9 = 56.856 d9 = 2.50 n5 = 1.84666 ν5 = 23.8 r10 = 39

Electrical receptacle contact

2010220- H01R13/11; H01R13/115; H01R43/16; (IPC1-7): H01R13/11 Field of 5106329 Socket contact 1992-04-21 Maeshima 439/856 5067916 Method for

Integrated translational land-grid array sockets and loading

International Classes: H01R4/50; G06F1/16; H01R13/193; H05K7/10 Field The carrier attach 850 has a socket-body plate 856 that is used to

Method and apparatus for making electrical connecting device

H01R43/24; H01R13/405; H01R43/01; H01R43/20; H01R13/40; H01R43 439/722, 439/736, 439/733, 439/391-407, 439/856, 29/856, 29/858

Phase Locked Loop with Stabilized Dynamic Response

resistance/capacitance (RC) filter elements of a identical to the relationship in equation (R13)856 and branch processing unit 858 that controls

Apparatus for distributing electrical power and/or

H01R13/33; H01R25/00; H01R13/73; H01R24/The bias of the spring provides a resistance to856 and the cover 870 secured to the housing

Process for the photochemical stabilization of undyed and

R10, R11 and R13 are each hydrogen, chlorine, wie in der EP-A 113 856 des gleichen Anm bb) Verbindungen der Formel (11) worin n

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Compare BC856B_R2_00001 vs BC856BT/R13 Risk Rank, Description, Rohs Code, Part Life Cycle Code, Package Description, Collector Current-Max (IC),


201319-International Classes: H01R13/6581; H01R43/00 View Patent Images: DownloadThe individual “pickets” are joined by conducting regions 856

Connector with integrated latch assembly

International Classes: H01R4/50; H01R13/658 houses multiple circuit cards to which wires of are joined together by a dovetail arrangement 856

Contact clip for wiring devices

2006519-International Classes: H01R13/11; H01R13/115; (IPC1-7): H01R11/00 Pat. Nos. 1,551,568 to Johnson; 1,925,856 to Vaughan; 2,325,698

Electric connector terminal

H01R13/11; H01R12/16; H01R12/22; H01R13/115; (IPC1-7): H01R13/11 Field of Search: 439/842, 439/856, 439/857, 439/397-401

Electrical connector assembly with separate arcing zones

Primary Class: 439/856 Other Classes: 439/181 International Classes: H01R13(e.g., electrical discharge, corrosion, increased resistance and heating)

Contact for pin grid array connector and method of forming same

2004920- H01R12/57; H01R12/71; H01R13/11; H01R13/115; H01R4/50; (IPC1-7Field of Search: 439/857, 439/342, 439/266, 439/856, 439/268, 439/