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Then, too, flexible conduit or hose is not discharge pipes 50-69 that are connected to a corrugated surface of said cylindrical double walls


corrugated plastic tubing and which comprises an discharge end thereof to maintain the pressure and directed through the flexible drain hose 90

Heating device for corrugated cardboard in a corrugated card

corrugated cardboard strip while being adapted to of compressed air via one or several hoses. 14 for the supply and discharge, respectively,

Pe Corrugated Pipe Discharge Pipe System - Buy Pe Corrugated

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Method of manufacturing flexible resin hose

hose to heat and pressurize said hose and for bending said corrugated the third open/close valve 41 is opened to discharge the high temperature


corrugated board and a liner sheet which are webdischarge pipe line by way of branch pipes 26 It is noted that flexible hoses may be used

Air discharge implement for a portable pressurized sprayer

discharge chamber of said main body and includes hose 5; said portable reservoir 2, which corrugated flange planar base of the flanged hatch

Corrugated tube regenerator for an expansion engine

2014216- Corrugated tube regenerator for an expansion discharge line 108 continues through a destainless steel is available from Hose Master I

Corrugated discharge control device for a dispenser

Corrugated discharge control device for a dispenserA dispenser is provided to supply fine particulate to xerographic machines utilizing a reciprocal force to

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Liquid container

A corrugated fibreboard container of tube-and-cap construction has two-walled plastic lining and a bottom side-wall discharge hose. A metal lid-mounting

Gas laser discharge tube using corrugated cathode

A gas laser discharge tube comprises a discharge vessel containing a discharge gas, a rod-shaped anode, a corrugated cathode and a voltage source

Collapsible hoses and pressure systems

201465-hose with a hose output connector mounted on one and has a corrugated or accordion like structure a suction pump 57, and a discharge p

Discharge Implement of Reservoir for Portable Pressurized

The present invention provides a discharge implement of reservoir for portable pressurized sprayer” comprising a discharging vent and a discharging hose. The

products » High-pressure corrugated pipe discharge gate

High-pressure corrugated pipe discharge gate - its valve body of discharge gate of corrugated pipe of WZ41H-900LB forged steel compares with casting,

Corrugated polymeric filler neck tubing

and is less susceptible to electrostatic discharge. WO/1995/027866 October, 1995 CORRUGATED Hose Applications (data sheets for other products

Corrugated fuel tube and a process for manufacturing the same

A corrugated fuel tube is manufactured by corona discharge, ultraviolet radiation or flame breather or evaporation hose, or a hose for a

Heated hose for carrying molten thermoplastic material

hose cuff attached to said discharge end of said hose, said hose cuff design the protective sheath from a rigid corrugated plastic, such as nylon


Shanghai the intersection of Confucianism and Ke valve the intersection of corrugated pipe and flanged gate valve - the intersection of WZ41H-16 and

Active bulkhead corner with enhanced commodity discharge

disturbing the cargo and enhancing discharge flow such as wood, corrugated board, metal, plasticspumped through hoses 606 to flutter valves 404

Novel conductive blacks for electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Novel Conductive Blacks for Electrostatic Discharge hoses, on polypropylene bags or boxes containing Corrugated Boards IC Rigid Trays ESD Boxes

brewing and discharge machine discharges via corrugated

200532-A coffee making machine has a hot water reservoir discharging via a corrugated distribution slope to two or more drain holes, each with a li

Cuffed connection system

corrugated pipe-connecting part 1976-02-17 Oosten which claims priority to New Zealand application hose clamp about a rigid discharge or receiving

Heat respiratory conduit

5357948 Heatable respiratory hose 1994-10-25 corrugated tube, an outer sheath is provided discharge end of said expiratory conduit, wherein

A study of ESD corrugated [protective packaging]

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) corrugated protective packaging is evolving to the point where new testing procedures must be implemented in the evaluation

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Corrugated Clear/White PVC Suction And Discharge Hose. Lightweight PVC allows visual confirmation of material flow. 40 PSI. 2ID x 100' LONG ROLL