thermohydraulic rotary drilling vibrator hose for coment

electromechanical vibrator integrated into its holding block

has electromechanical vibrator integrated into its holding block to generate (ICP MS), has a holding block which has a thermo-electric cooling system

On the use of linear vibrator for active monitoring

A unified thermomechanical framework is presented for deformable materials endowed with a weakly non-local microstructure. In view of practical applications t


METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR THERMOFIXING OF SLIDE-FASTENER COUPLING CHAINSconstituting the vibration source or the anvil against which the vibrator


201514-In a milk steamer, a changeover valve and a vent valve are connected to the inlet and the outlet of a steam-generating thermoblock to provid

Behavior and stress management recognition apparatus

To solve this problem, a technique of setting a vibrator call mode as a a thermo sensor 1027 for detecting the body temperature of the human body

Vibrator carrier arrangement

2001719-The arrangement supports a vibrating arm (1a,1b,1c) such that it can vibrate. The arm has free ends and a vibrator (1) with a base end (1B)

Long fiber thermoplastic composite muffler system with

EP0117253 January, 2002 CYLINDRICAL PIEZOELECTRIC VIBRATOR. ES2031374 Decemberthermoplastic materials have suitable mechanical, thermal and melt flow

Sensor arrangement for temperature measurement and method for

a thermoelement, similar to DE 44 33 685 C2. which is connected via a vibrator 2 to a for example a rotary blade, or in some other

Frictional vibrator damper

Frictional vibrator damperA frictional vibration damper, in particular for It is formed by an electrically heatable thermoactuator element having a

Automated remote water meter readout system

thermal energy to electrical energy and provides an operational life that farThe positive edge of the signal on the Q output of multi-vibrator U14,

Method of manufacturing an item and apparatus for

The cost of converting the thermo polymer to a filament can be extremely (15) size, or by changing the frequency of the vibrators (16)

Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head using thermo

sealed fluid for protecting a piezoelectric vibrator 2000-08-29 Miyata et injecting thermohardening filler into a filler retaining portion communicating

Ultrasonic device for the continuous production of particles

13. A process for the production of microbeads from thermofusible materialend surface of a vibrator oscillating at a frequency of 5 to 50 kilo

Powder leveling method and power leveling apparatus

200822- wherein a vibrator one edge of which slides a thermocompression mold is filled with the , or a-pneumatic cylinder or hydraulic cylin

Thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus

A magneto-caloric effect type heat pump apparatus provides a thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus. A magnetic field modulating device has a rotary permanent

Method of flip-chip bonding between a chip element and a

Third, no further apparatus nor system such as supersonic vibrator is thermocompression bondings of the AuSn amorphous alloy solder bumps 2a and

for modeling piezoelectric ceramic vibrators including

piezoelectricceramics.Thermodynamic differences of the two models are examined and effects of the thermo‐electro‐mechanical couplings are evaluated in examp

from Ganza-Fleks (Hansa-Flex), OOO. Electric vibrators on

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Einrichtung zur Herstellung von Hohlkugeln und Schalen aus

(18) von einem mit dem Rechner (10) in Verbindung stehenden Mantelthermo(2) durch eine senkrechte Oszillation ersetzt ist, indem ein Vibrator (60

Far-infrared generator for thermotherapy and method of far-

601/52 2582617 Combination heater and vibrator January, 1952 August 601/18 2. A far-infrared ray generator for thermotherapy, comprising: a casing

Analysis of the thermal stability of a transistor monovibrator

Analysis of the thermal stability of a transistor monovibratorNot AvailableBenin, V. LBorisenko, A. NSamsonov, V. P

remove oxygen cutting burrs and cutting beads after thermo

thermo-chemical cross-cutting or slitting of steelbe motor-driven or turned by a hydraulic drive.: Method for manufacturing piezo-electric vibrator

Device for location of a source of radiation

2011919- Again a rotary condenser may be Used, the thermo-couples, superimposing dot and dash said Interrupterr comprising a multi-vibrator,

Tacking processes and systems for soldering

An ultrasonic vibrator ultrasonically vibrates at least one of the placed In a manufacturing environment, the tacking times required by thermocompression

apparatus for making a space keeping profile for thermo

1. A method of making a spacer frame, particularly for thermopane glass(11) of the vibrator (10), particularly at the clamping jaw (30)

Calibration and measurement of temperatures in melts by

for calibration, wherein the optical fiber is connected to a vibrator. There, it is disclosed explicitly that the thermoelement is protected from


2005719- 1. Thermoplastischer Behälter mit einem Rumpfstück, einem Deckelstück - Previous Patent (ULTRASCHALLVIBRATOR) | Next Patent (EINRICH

Immersion vibrator powered by a transformer

pAn immersion vibrator powered by a transformer (B) is provided with an electric vibrating needle (A). A coupling (C) is provided, which consists