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Combination stylet and sheath for an electrode array

in cochlear implants and other implantable devices 1997-08-05 Parker et alRotatable pin, screw-in pacing and sensing lead having teflon-coated


PARKER, Stephen Robert (Level 31, Vero Centre(Gelman Sciences); G - TEFLON™ filter (18.75 mg/mL nitro blue tetrazolium chloride

Evaluation of Sample Recovery of Odorous VOCs and Semi-VOCs

(Teflon), foil, and PET (Melinex) air samplinghighest amounts of chemical impurities, respectivelyParker, David BWright, Donald WKuhrt, Fred W

A new technique for the selective measurement of atmospheric

20101110-a 30 cm long 1/2 inch diameter Teflon tube. When used in chemical amplification mode (PERCA Miyazaki K., Parker A.E., Fittschen C.,

Rotatable pin, screw-in pacing and sensing lead having Teflon

Assistant Examiner: Parker, Marianne Attorney, Agent or Firm: Romano, whereby the Teflon coating reduces friction between the conductor coil and

Soft tip guiding catheter

Teflon material inner tube and abut the abrupt, step-like shoulder at theParker, Fred TUSUS5221270 * Jun 28, 1991 Jun 22, 1993 Cook Incorporated

Retrospective Assessment of Respirable Quartz Exposure for a

polystyrene aerosol filter cassette and uses two Teflon filters in seriesParker JEAnn Work Expo HealthAnnals of work exposures and health

Effects of Ouabain on Myocardial Potassium and Sodium Balance

ancd the left brachial arterx xxsas culnitulatel xvith a Teflon Brennan, F.J., McCans, J.L., Chiong, M.A., Parker, J.O.:

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Din 4sh Teflon Parker Double Bolt Spring Corrugated Gasoline Excavator Rubber Air Hose , Find Complete Details about Din 4sh Teflon Parker Double Bolt

Method of improving adhesion between a fluoropolymer and a

chemical located between the dehydrofluorinated or hoses as used, for instance as a fuel a narrow strip of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Automated sampling method for medical diagnostic instrument

TEFLON (polytetrofuoroethylene), and preferably clear acrylic, for exampleParker, Norman KUSUS5391499 * Nov 24, 1993 Feb 21, 1995 Ciba Corning

Mechanical hemolytic anemia after valve repair operations for

In these four cases, however, polyester or Teflon sutures were the only N ParkerPubMedHeartWarnes C, Honey M, Brooks N, et al. Mechanical

Stable alkyl and/or aryl silyl ether capped polyether

4661279 Detergent composition 1987-04-28 Parker TEFLON® fluorinated hydrocarbon coated stirring large rubber hose, under fast flow of nitrogen

Aerocavin antibiotics

Parker, William L. (Pennington, NJ) Singh, p. 225) which gives a blue color with operated at 800 rpm using a multilayer teflon

Touchless TFT panel lamination fixture and process

2012420- Parker, Glenn E. (Bear, DE, US) hose 25 leading to a vacuum pump (not shown),Teflon tape 101 (FIG. 6) to avoid scratching

Pressure vessel safety interlock

Seal 22 preferably is a double row Teflon lip seal with a garter spring,Parker, Ernest PUSUS4139118 * Sep 20, 1977 Feb 13, 1979 Erect Pro,

Precise Alignment Using Teflon‐Coated Steel

1 Blue Hill Observatory, Harvard University, Precise Alignment Using Teflon‐Coated Steel, Parker Scitation Author Page PubMed Google


PARKER, Robert, D (1215 County Route 19, Beaver Dams, New York, 14812(PTFE or Teflon®), ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), or

fred t parker - Guiding catheter

Parker, Fred T. (8164 E. State Road 45, Unionville, Indiana, 47468, One guiding catheter includes a wire-braided Teflon material inner tube


2012120- Parker, Kenneth O. (2800 Dauphin Street, Suiteundergoes a chemical reaction to become ink-The paper moves to fuser 306 where a Teflon


Parker et al., there is disclosed a binding machine as defined in the precharacterizing portion of the independent claims 4 and 5. This US patent also

Protective cover for a lighting device

emitting panel assemblies 1997-04-08 Parker et (red, blue, green) or a single LED emitting appropriate index of refraction, and Teflon (R)

An investigation of the origins of cattle and aurochs

2009101-In order to prevent contamination, the chemical 84Sr, then dissolved in Teflon-distilled 8 M Evans, J., Jay, M., Parker Pearson, M.,

Three-dimensional thick fabrics and methods and apparatus for

Parker, Leon (Burbank, CA) Campman, Arthur Rsuch as polyvinyl alcohol, Teflon or starch-oil.removed by chemical or thermal means if required

Deep submersible light assembly with dry pressure

Parker, Samuel B. (Venice, CA) Rimer, Deep Sea Reflector Blueprint, ACAD/NOSC/REFLTEFLON backup ring 50 provide a water tight seal

Toy articles of manufacture comprising spontaneously wettable

such as with water on Teflon® surface, the(chemical and physical, such as roughness), thymol blue, meta creosol purple, eyrthrosin