4000 psi bitumen hot tar and asphalt hose

heavy oil fly ash to improve asphalt binder and asphalt

2011420-hot rolled asphalt,” Waste Materials in ranges from about 400 psi to about 580 psi. 8. A binder composition comprising bitumen


2010222-asphalt; and effective amounts of an emulsifying greater than 100 psi and maintains laminar flow.bitumen, but the teaching of this inv

Conversion of high boiling organic materials to low boiling

tar sand solids, bitumen and heavy hydrocarbon catalyst content, and (2) a residual asphaltic 4000 to 5000 psi, and the reaction times are

Laboratory evaluation of selected tar sand asphalts

0 C Figure 2. Bitumen Test Data Chart Showing Properties of Asphalt F.(20°C) Aggregate Asphalt Mean 6 psi x 10 Standard Deviation Gravel 0 0

Method of producing bituminous/polymer emulsion and product

bitumen particles and also contribute to formation bituminous emulsions such as asphalt or coal tar. 1. Tensile Strength 420 psi 2. Elongation 500

Water and Pressurized Hot Water Extraction of Bitumen from

14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 0 10 bitumen more effectively since releasing of the Psi 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0

of Narrow Cut Fractions from Athabasca Bitumen Using Hot-

Propensity of Narrow Cut Fractions from Athabasca Bitumen Using Hot-Stage The experiments were performed in a stream of hydrogen at 750 psi (5.2

and rheological characterization of carbonated bitumen for

2017116-bitumen viscosity so that asphalt mixtures can beconventional mixing temperature for hot-mix asphalt in CO2 at 300 psi versus at 40 ps

Control of flow and production of water and oil or bitumen

4846275 Recovery of heavy crude oil or tar hot water or steam into said oil or bitumen-psi to about 140 psi while maintaining the

Hydrogenation process for solid carbonaceous feed materials

2004919-tar sand bitumen, shale oil and particularly fortemperature, 1000-4000 psi hydrogen partial From hot separator 22, liquid fraction 26


psi Properties of Steady State Region of Creep (to the Aggregate or to the Bitumen) Strongly hydrated lime in hot mix asphalt paving mixtures

thermal recovery processes in tar sand: description and

4000 0.38 0.206 1.6 170 6.10 2) Initial Bitumen mole fraction in liquid phase 41 1 x (psi) Constants in gas/oil capillary pressure

Roof having improved base sheet

PVC, modified bitumen, coal tar and Hypolon. such as hot asphalt, onto the base sheet 23 psi number is greater than the spacing between

Composition and method for the manufacture of a board

tar, pitch, asphalt and bitumen dissolved in a solvent therefor such as (e) the composition is subjected to a pressure of from 500 to 4000 psi


asphalt paving composition, the aggregate is at abitumens that occur in nature or are obtained Noted Lottman Results, psi % TSR (Cond/Uncond

Performance of warm-mix asphalt in the highway industry

34 and asphalt flow improver.8,26,33,34 bitumen.34 Processes of modification Sosobit pills·145 psi) To control rutting depression G*/Sin

Premature Cracking in Foamed Asphalt Pavement: A High

affect the response of a foamed asphalt material.(psi) Phase 2 (psi) Coefficient 50% 419 83 Bitumen Emulsion and Foamed Bitumen Stabilised

Bitumen durability

(G*) measured at 5°C, 9 Hz, for bitumens4000 6000 8000 Oxidation time (hours) 10000 psi and 60°C; - thermocouple, thermistor or

Asphalt modifier

A bitumen and asphalt modifier comprises thermoplastic elastomeric copolymer and an effective amount of a fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene and molybdenum

Paved surface reconditioning system

fluid to a pressure of 3000 psi to 65000 psi. asphalt, asphaltum, pitch, bitumen, minerals, or more coils of electrically heated hose 1900

Process and apparatus for modifying bitumen

sulfonating asphalt October, 1963 Matthews, II bitumen from the tubular path; an extraction pumppressure of about 6 to 7 bar (90-100 psi)

steam injection for thermal recovery of bitumen from tar

hot communication zone through the formation, the bitumen to produce a flow of formation fluids, to establish an overburden pressure of 1000 psi


The recovery of valuable liquid hydrocarbons from tar sand bitumens by hydroconversion in an upflow reactor is improved when the concentration of ash in

Production of bitumen from a tar sand formation

A method of producing bitumen from a subterranean tar sand formation while heating the formation via electrical conduction between a plurality of wells

Method for the manufacture of a board

tar, pitch, asphalt and bitumen dissolved in a solvent therefor such as 4000 psi, preferably at about 2000 psi, at a temperature of from 95°C

Treatment of poor processing bitumen froth using

A method for extracting hydrocarbons from a poor processing bitumen froth is provided comprising subjecting a bitumen, solids and water slurry to flotation

Thermoplastic elastomeric blend of rubber and bituminous

generic term, bituminous materials, incorporates bitumen, asphalt, tar and Tensile strength; 10 psi Elongation at break; 150% (b) The

a chlorinated polyethylene layer adhered to an asphalt-

joined to a layer of asphalt-saturated roofing 4000 PSI range just subsequent to the CPE beingThis material, when hot mopped with hot bitumen

Process for producing hydrocarbon fuel

Bitumen is also known as natural asphalt, tar Nm3/m3 (4000 to about 20,000 SCF/bbl) oil.344 kPa to about 1,034 kPa (50 to 150 psi)

for integrating slurry hydrocracking and deasphalting

Bitumen is natural asphalt, tar sands and oil 3.8 MPa to about 5.2 MPa (550 to 750 psi)Nm3/m3 (4000 to about 20,000 SCF/bbl) oil