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Abstract: Taxonomic analysis of 656 sedentary polychaetes collected by dredging and beam-trawling the channels and river mouths north of the lower Orinoco

In Situ Biotreatment of TBA with Recirculation/Oxygenation

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Environmental impacts of wastewater from urban slums: case

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Evaluation of Sediment Management Options and Minimum

which necessitates better management of existing flushing, dredging, trucking and hydrosuction from reservoirs, TDR Project R5839, Report OD

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Suspended particle dynamics in a southern California urban

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Geochronology of Galapagos seamounts

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(1899), IMMENSE ELECTRICAL DREDGE. Journal of the American Society for Naval Engineers, 11: 1016–1019. doi: 10.1111/j.1559-3584.1899.tb01309.x

Single-walled carbon nanotubes toxicity to the freshwater

amphipods.10 In recent studies, toxicity of photoperi- od (23°C±3, 16/8 h light/darkdredging, which has previously been reported for

A portable hydraulic diver-operated dredge-sieve for sampling

A portable hydraulic diver-operated dredge-sieve for sampling juvenile crayfishFreshwater Crayfish 5:270-274.Odelstrom T., A portable hydraulic diver-


easements, restrictions, covenants and conditions 4OD-4 of the Florida Administrative Code (F.Ahandicrafts - Building Science - Hydraulic

parameters on phytoplankton variability in the coastal sea

Phytoplankton dynamics od coastal sea of West flow section of tropical downstream after dredging journals impact factor and does not reflect the

Immediate and longer-term impacts of hydraulic clam dredging

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Meginnis Creek Watershed and Greenway masterplan :

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Survival and dispersal of oiled brown pelicans after

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Risk Analysis of Oil Spill in Delaware River and Bay

LeslieNiiOdarteyMills EricBest ArdeshirFaghri KhaledHamed 1 Delaware Estuary as the Study Area Extends from the Delaware Bay entrance to

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HE0107-5240, A Chemically Ancient Star.I. A Detailed

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Air cushion dredge for use in ice-covered waters

2012919-Apparatus for arctic dredging and marine pipelaying during ice-free and iced conditions is described. For dredging, a dredging facility is c